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Gelatin is a substantially pure protein food ingredient, obtained by the thermal denaturation of collagen, which is the structural mainstay and most common protein in the animal kingdom. Today gelatin is usually available in granular powder form, although in Europe, sheet gelatin is still available. There are two main types of gelatin. Type A is derived from collagen with exclusively acid pretreatment. Type B is the result of an alkaline pretreatment of the collagen. However, gelatin is sold with a wide range of special properties, like gel strength(bloom), viscosity to suit particular applications

Gelatin forms thermally reversible gels with water, and the gel melting temperature (<35°C) is below body temperature, which gives gelatin products unique organoleptic properties and flavour release.

 Raw materials

Gelatin is produced from the fibrous protein, collagen, from beef hides , pig skins and bones. Collagen is the most abundant of all proteins, making up one-third or more of the total body protein

 Beef hides for gelatin production can be fresh, chilled or preserved (salt or caustic treatment).
Pigskin can be used fresh, chilled or frozen.
Beef bones(ossein) resulting from the bone processing are usually used in producing gelatin.

Gelatin is a primary product with an extraordinary wide field of application, used for quality improvement of innumerable foodstuffs and medicaments. It serves for supplementary source of protein, carrier material, bonding agent, stabilizer and emulsifier. It is also used as an aid for frothing up, flavor enhancement, common salt replacement, clearing of drinks and as a collagen source for dietetics. It can be found in jelly, jellied meat and aspic, in ice cream, some margarines, sweets like gummy bears, soft caramels, marshmallows, meringues, and cream-filled chocolate cakes, in gateau fillings and desserts, in milk products like yogurt and as well as in pies and convenience food. Cream and foam are often made of jelly with beaten egg white, whipped cream or cream cheese

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